DigiOptions markets creation and settlement example

Market creation: (two stage process)

  1. A signature over the "facts" must be created. This signature is typically signed by a known/trusted authority.
  2. The signature may then be used to the market on the blockchain. When creating the market custom fees (and strikes) are applied.

Market settlement: (two stage process)

  1. A trusted signature over the "facts" and the final quote. This signature must be created using the same private key that was used for the signature for market creation.
  2. The signature and the final quote must be supplied to settle the market on the blockchain.

With this tool you can do both - creating signatures and triggering blockchain transactions.

This online example is part of https://github.com/berlincode/digioptions-contracts-web-examples

Base data

(calc. from signerPrivateKey)

The private signing key ('signerPrivateKey') is used to calculate the required signatures for market creation and settlement. For market settling use the same private signing key that was used to create the market. Keep it safe!

Market creation

(calc. over 1 - 9)

factHash (based on 1 - 9) signed with signerPrivateKey
(calc. over 1 - 16 + signerAddr)

Market settlement

(calc. over 1 - 9)

factHash (based on 1 - 9) + finalValue signed with signerPrivateKey